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“As we've grown, it's become next to impossible to track our 34 Instructor's Guides and related projects without a project management system. In order to keep up with the growth of the company as well as be able to focus on developing new products, it became imperative that we find a more consistent way to keep track of our information. K4 has a great check-in/out system that allows us to track who has done what to each file instead of guessing and risking errors in the final product. The most immediate benefit K4 will have on our workflow is the ability to track our information through a specific process. If our process becomes streamlined, then we'll be able to focus on the actual product instead of always reworking the workflow.”

Carissa Ward, Graphic Designer at Sonlight

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd., supplier of Christian curriculum materials to home-schooled children, has been developing and printing home-school curriculum in-house for almost 14 years. Their mission is to "reach families worldwide with remarkable, internationally-focused, literature-based home-school curriculum." Sonlight uses K4 to manage the development and maintenance of their comprehensive Instructor's Guides, educational materials and books.