Customer Testimonial

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Company:Televisa (Editorial Televisa)
Publications / Projects:TV y Novelas, Cosmopolitan, Vanidades
Number of Users:200+

“With the system as our cornerstone and key factor, I think in the future I can easily create job pools or any job segmentation we need, and then we will obtain a real benefit from the reengineering. Currently, we have indirect returns such as time control, but with the use of K4, we can now talk about information and we can talk about more control. We can now see more efficiencies in other areas, which are definitely a return on investment.”

Televisa, K4 Admin

Editorial Televisa is the leading publisher of Spanish-language magazines, with titles distributed in Mexico, the United States and throughout Latin America. Editorial Televisa's magazines have a paid annual circulation of 137 million. Televisa decided to move to K4 in late 2008 to enhance productivity and improve quality, to prepare for future development and to increase overall accountability. The company was planning a comprehensive reengineering of its publishing workflow to manage its massive catalog in a more standardized and efficient manner, and decided it was necessary to incorporate a powerful, reliable editorial system.

MEI distribution partner Informática Dalai SA de CV is handling K4 consulting, installation and training at Televisa. Dalai has already completed the first phase of deployment, which includes 110 users across 27 magazine titles currently producing live issues with K4 in Mexico City.

Improvements in Televisa's work gained through K4

• "We chose K4 not only because of the software itself, which, on the pilot tests, was successful, but mainly because of the  experience of the integrator, Informática Dalai, and their mastering of formal projectmanagement methodology, excellent planning and well-defined implementation strategy."

• "The implementation team has been working closely with the end-users, who have never been left alone. Their good planning provided enough time to assist our editorial staff in creating the magazines with K4. The team is really excellent."

• "We did some research and on-site pilot evaluations among several publishing solutions, and what we found with K4 was that not only is the database very reliable, the system also enables workflows that help to make the work more efficient and collaborative."

• "Without any doubt, the teamwork was the main factor, and the attitude toward the final users transmitted a good spirit to move forward. I have been involved with many projects in which every stage is a constant struggle and everyone is downhearted at the end of the project, but in this case, the result has been the opposite. I think the planning and the preparation of this project before the implementation has been really helpful."

• "With this platform, at this very moment, if we need to create a new title, I have the technical and standardized elements to react quickly not only on the printed side, but also to distribute content possibly through Web publishing and syndication."

• "This implementation has been so successful that other areas within the company are willing to integrate their processes with K4. Some examples are the synchronization of a production calendar, creating a general schedule for commercialization, circulation and production, and automating the process of ad management through K4."