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The New Times
Company:The New Times
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K4 System Integrator NBZ Computers has successfully rolled out the vjoon K4 publishing system at weekly business journal "The NewTimes" in Moscow. The New Times is published by an energetic team of professionals. The print and Web teams sport some of the best journalists, photographers and design artists. To ensure a corresponding quality of the published material, the IT department was in charge with keeping routine tasks and problems away from the creative team as much as possible and build an IT infrastructure that would reconcile the creative and technological parts of the publishing process. At the same time, the solution had to guarantee the highest safety standards and provide a convenient means of filtering and retrieving material. An equally important decision factor was the ability to use additional modules for automating such parts of the process as prepress, PDF generation and export of content to the Web site. This automation eliminated unnecessary workflow steps and helped shorten the time needed for standard processes.

The redesigned version of "The New Times", whose first edition was published on February 12, 2007, used the vjoon K4 publishing system from the start. The system was recommended and rolled out by experts from NBZ Computers because it was deemed to be the system best suited to the job and because of the excellent experiences with K4 in other publishing houses. The editorial staff very quickly learned how to use the system thanks to its convenient and intuitive interface.

Every participant in the publishing process now has easy, real-time access to information on the current state of every issue within vjoon K4. Thus, production can be managed within a minimum amount of time, the number of errors was reduced and there are no delays in production due to missing workflow status information. With the help of vjoon K4 and additional modules, the IT staff was able to create a modern production system for its modern weekly business journal.