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Time Out New York
TimeOut New York
Company:Time Out New York
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“Our data is managed centrally within K4 and is easily accessible to editorial members across all sites.”

Jeffrey Vargas, Technology Director

Time Out New York (TONY) was launched in September 1995. The reviews and listings of events created by TONY staff are a key selling point of the Time Out brand. TONY averages between 162 and 194 pages weekly. The magazine publishes its crisp, timely reviews and listings both in print and on its Web site.

With the help of system integrator MEI, TONY found their solution in vjoon's K4 Publishing System with Adobe InDesign and InCopy, and even extended K4 to its latest start-up, Time Out Chicago. Both American titles are sister publications to Time Out London, launched in 1968.

After K4 Integrator MEI completed a workflow analysis for Time Out, TONY was convinced they had found their solution. In the end, K4 was selected because of its simple user interface and easy admin management – "no one needed to be a MySQL expert to administer K4," reports the TONY staff. Plus, the real-time updating of administration information in K4 enabled greater productivity.