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Company:Trade & Logistics Siam
Publications / Projects:Logistics Manager, Airfreight Logistics
Category:Magazines, Content Marketing
Dwight A. Chiavetta, President of Trade & Logistics Siam

“We need an automated and process-driven workflow to handle our diverse projects, and that is exactly why we opted for vjoon K4. The experience of the integrator, EvioTech, and their excellent planning and well-defined implementation strategy, convinced us that we made the right choice. The system will give clients visibility into what we are doing and allow them to participate in the layout and editorial processes, which should go a long way toward bridging any gap between countries on opposite sides of the world and building the trust that is essential to developing our contract and corporate in-house publishing business. K4 Web Portal allows us to easily integrate all staff working on one project. This is a big advantage.”

Dwight A. Chiavetta, President of Trade & Logistics Siam

Bangkok-based Trade & Logistics Siam Co., Ltd., Thailand's most reliable and comprehensive source of information on the logistics industry, opted for a complete vjoon K4™ Cross-Media Publishing Platform and, following its implementation by vjoon® integration partner EvioTech Co., Ltd., has gone live with it in 2010. vjoon K4 streamlines the production workflow, increases efficiency, and improves the coordination and control of the entire editorial and pre-press workflow process, from the initial stage of receiving and creating content to the final output of pages sent for printing.

Established in 1997, Trade & Logistics Siam's portfolio comprises such magazines as "Logistics Manager" for sea freight and "Airfreight Logistics" for air freight. Although it initially catered largely to the local market, many international clients realized that they could receive top-quality international-class brochures, corporate DVDs, and publicity materials with deep insight into their industry, and have since sourced their corporate and marketing materials from Trade & Logistics Siam.

For example, the company now produces the Thailand edition of "Scania Griffin Today" magazine for Scania, a leading global manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses, coaches, and industrial and marine engines, as well as in-house newsletters for clients like the Port Authority of Thailand.

Trade & Logistics Siam benefits in many ways from the various vjoon K4 components: K4 Web Portal™ allows internal and external users to upload, create and assign content, ads and pictures to publications and assign tasks to users. Everything can be accessed from both remote and in-house locations using a standard web browser. Users are also able to edit and amend content within K4 Web Portal that has already been forwarded to the editorial and pre-press production workflow.

K4 Overview Advanced enables internal managers and supervisors to monitor the entire magazine publishing workflow. It also affords external customers who have outsourced their pre-press and editorial production to Trade & Logistics Siam the opportunity to view online in a standard web browser their publications, newsletters, and other media to monitor progress of images and articles throughout the pre-press, editorial, and layout production process.