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“Until recently, QPS and Quark were the backbone of the production system here at The Bookseller. We asked Quark and PCS to pitch for an upgrade to our system and it became pretty clear which solution offered us the best route forward: the proposed set-up from PCS (running InDesign and SoftCare K4) won hands down.

This wasn't the easiest option for the Production Department because it would involve re-training staff and generating new templates etc. However, the perceived benefits outweighed any short-term issues regarding training. Re-training turned out to be much less demanding than we feared, and we worked closely with PCS to generate and refine the magazine's templates in InDesign. The transition to the new system was so successful that we went to press only 45 minutes later than usual in the first week.

After two weeks we'd forgotten we were working on a new system. The XML Exporter will consolidate the benefits of going over to the new production system. It will enable us to integrate our print and online products in a way that would not have been possible had we stayed withQuark.We don't have any regrets about moving over to InDesign and K4. It's a great system: it's stable, it does the job and it does it more stylishly than Quark.”

Mark Guest, Chief Sub-Editor

The Bookseller is a part of VNU Entertainment Media UK Ltd, which is owned by Nielsen Business Media Inc, part of The Nielsen Company. The parent company is based in the USA, The Bookseller is based in London. The Bookseller has been the leading business magazine for the book industry since 1858. It is the weekly source of incisive, objective industry news and analysis, reaching all major booksellers and publishers in the UK and in nearly 100 countries worldwide. The magazine also has an active seminar programme and the Bookseller retail awards.

The Bookseller (TB) sees the future of publishing as being able to deliver news and views to their customers in whatever media they choose. The Bookseller web site was launched in 1997 and currently has over 10,000 subscribers. This is clearly an area that will only grow in commercial importance, so TB needed to change their publishing infrastructure to keep up with the inevitable changes as the business moves forward. The web site was in effect created from scratch in a totally separate department from the magazine and therefore there were inevitably duplications of work. What was needed was a package that would enable content to be created once, then used to populate both web and page to pre-set templates in as streamlined a manner as possible. Instead of upgrading their existing Quark Publishing System (QPS), TB decided to fundamentally change the architecture and switch to vjoon K4 with Adobe InDesign.

Senior staff within TB were already keen to move to InDesign, aware of the many benefits this could bring, so approached System Integrator PCS to explore vjoon K4 as a replacement for QPS. Initial trials proved that K4 offered exactly what TB were looking for. TB has implemented the K4 system across their publications. They have in addition purchased the K4 XML Exporter module, which will provide the basis for the next part of the project. The process of mapping K4 to their existing workflow was fairly straightforward, and cross training from their existing DTP software was similarly smooth. The next stage will be deploying the K4 XML Exporter module to populate Web Pages, at which point the real additional cross-media benefitswill begin to show.The immediate benefits were that they can rely on the K4 system that keeps the server up and running 24X7 with minimal if no intervention required. Adobe Creative Suite enables them to embrace the many design benefits within a secure and simple production workflow and the simple web based maintenance and administration can be performed in real time.