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Ärztlicher Ratgeber
Baby & Familie
Wort&Bild Verlag
Company:Wort & Bild Verlag
Publications / Projects:Apotheken Umschau, Ärztlicher Ratgeber, Baby & Familie, Medizini
Number of Users:70
Bernd Jahnke, Layout Designer at Wort&Bild Verlag

“vjoon K4 is simple to use and easy to learn, and helps us make the workflow run much more smoothly. I absolutely enjoy working with vjoon K4.”

Bernd Jahnke, Layout Designer at Wort&Bild Verlag

Stefan Spengler, Head of Production at Wort&Bild Verlag

“With the introduction of Mac OS X, the switch to Adobe InDesign and the K4 Publishing System, we have created a production environment that fulfills all of our requirements for a modern magazine workflow.”

Stefan Spengler, Head of Production at Wort&Bild Verlag

Wort&Bild Verlag is one of the leading German publishers for health magazines and publications. Wort&Bild publishes six high-volume customer magazines for drugstores, other magazines, a book series and other media. The largest object, customer magazine Apotheken Umschau, is the leading health magazine for drugstores with a bi-weekly circulation of 9.5 million sold copies (IVW 1/09).

In October 2003, Wort&Bild moved their workflow for this magazine from the Quark Publishing System (QPS) with QuarkXPress 4.11 to a sophisticated workflow using vjoon K4. In spring 2004, all other publications followed suit. In the summer, Wort&Bild upgraded to K4 version 5.0 with InDesign CS and InCopy CS.

Since K4 uses only the TCP/IP protocol to connect users to the server, the prepress service provider now connects directly to the K4 system via a simple internet connection. Before the introduction of K4, data had to be sent back and forth between publisher and prepress service provider on paper or CD-ROM – a costly and time-consuming process. With K4, both parties now use the same data, so that editors can still make last-minute changes to the text while the prepress service provider places ads or edits pictures. K4 helped reduce communication times as well as the long waiting periods that the previous workflow could not prevent.