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Yale Daily News (Yale University)
Yale Daily News (Yale University)
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“We don't have time to struggle with publishing systems that crash and are difficult to administer. Since moving to an Adobe InDesign based publishing solution, we can produce the Yale Daily News without ongoing IT support. We're much more productive and self-sufficient. ”

Nathan Francis, Yale Daily News staff member

As the nation's oldest daily college newspaper, with famous staff alumni such as Garry Trudeau, Joe Lieberman, and William F. Buckley, the Yale Daily news has a prestigious history. Responsibility for maintaining the paper's high visual and editorial standards falls to a core group of 24 students who publish the famous newspaper five days a week – in between lectures, exams, and other student responsibilities.

The student staff uses workflow and editorial technology to streamline the publishing process, and looks for reliable systems that are stable, easy to maintain, and offer lower total cost of ownership. In April 2004, Yale Daily News switched from the Quark Publishing System (QPS) to the K4 Publishing System using Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy.

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