Content Marketing. Based on Quality.

While quality content has always been at a premium, lately corporate publishers have been thinking about other 'c' words such as cross media, communities, commerce and conversion. Enterprises are increasingly leveraging the corporate publishing (CP) value chain to generate leads and boost sales. It's still all about content, but with a new twist that goes by the name of content marketing, custom content or various other terms, depending on what continent you happen to be on.

Rather than focusing on individual channels, today brand-name enterprises and CP service providers are striving to win and retain customers across multiple channels. The relevance of content is decisive to the success of these efforts. After all, the whole idea of corporate publishing is to trigger a response; to call the target audience to action. This is where advertising and CP come together in a symbiotic relationship. CP content and ad campaigns harmonize and intensify the effect on potentials and legacy customers. The tablet can be a powerful instrument in this digital symphony.

App media such as customer magazines can be delivered to the target group far more easily than other formats. Whereas printed copies have to be sent, the latest app editions go out around the world at the touch of a button, arriving just in time. The Red Bulletin from Red Bull and Credit Suisse's bulletin are two particularly successful examples. Apps already offer many new e-commerce opportunities. In future, they will be able to provide even more support for marketing efforts. And good content is a far better driver for social media, where classic advertising is frowned upon.

Relevant content adds value. To create this content, enterprises and CP service providers need state-of-the-art publishing platforms to save time that can be put to better use for other pursuits, for example, to come up with creative ideas and generate quality content. And of course these systems have to offer as many automated routines as possible, as well as the means to tie nonnative applications into these routines.

vjoon K4 offers tremendous benefits to companies that publish business collateral:

  • Saving time: Use automated workflows for frequently recurring, time-consuming tasks (such as reformatting print pages for tablets), for external processes (such as translating texts via translation memory), and for uploading data to Adobe Folio Producer.
  • Connecting sites and contributors: Integrate freelance journalists, printing service providers and external staff via browser clients, VPN, or application delivery solutions such as Citrix, and connect different locations via K4 DES to provide fast access to layouts.
  • Enabling language variants and regional editions: vjoon K4 supports any number of language and layout variants, even with different pictures and dedicated workflows for each variant.