Quality First. Enhanced Monetization.

Newspapers have already undergone sweeping organizational changes. Many have done what vjoon customer Vechernyaya Moskva, a popular Moscow evening newspaper with a rich heritage, did: They merged their and print and online editing teams to create a unified newsroom. Daily papers, especially, have to make fast decisions as to which story will appear on the web first and in print second. For one, the web article can be updated in the course of the day.

For the other, not all news items featured on the web find their way into the printed edition. Times have changed, and social media components and hyper-local content have become the daily bread of many newspapers like Der Freitag published by Jakob Augstein.

Deadline pressure is the norm at newspapers, so publishing systems must be able to lighten staff's workload. The more routine tasks the system is able to perform automatically, the more time editors can devote to delivering quality content. And quality is what sets brand-name products apart.

The sheer scope of information available on the Internet is overwhelming. Strong media brands provide the orientation people need to find authoritative information. Media brands with a rich heritage and a first-rate reputation such as the Hamburg-based weekly "DIE ZEIT" leverage their brand to put their business on a broader base and build a unique brand world around their various products and services.

When you opt for vjoon K4®, you are electing to go with a powerful publishing platform that enables you to deliver precisely the information your readers are seeking, thereby creating a fertile environment for advertising customers.

Some of the big benefits that vjoon K4 brings to newspaper production

  • Quality first: Automate routine activities and give staff more time to research and write good stories.
  • Enhanced monetization: Pipe precisely the content readers want into digital channels to reach more people faster with the latest news. Create as many layout and text variants as you see fit for national, regional and local pages.
  • Media neutral: Afford all your editors, local newsrooms, freelancers and photographers worldwide secure access to the system and enable them to address any output channel.
  • Flexible brand management: Modify layouts, realize new ideas for magazines, and create appealing tablet editions quickly in a single, professional editing workflow.