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Publishers are always up to date. They publish the latest news from politics, business, sports and entertainment. Their content is available worldwide, online or printed. With vjoon K4 you produce efficiently, with agile processes and technically secure.

Online Edition

React quickly to news and repurpose your website content for other channels. Optimize your editorial workflow with vjoon K4 as the central content hub. Automations and integrations with Wordpress or Drupal give you more time for relevant stories.

Print Edition

Rely on lean workflows and take the horror out of deadlines. Your team works with familiar tools and optimally combines layouts, articles and images for the next issue. Use your print content for digital channels or vice versa. Automate print output with integrated third-party solutions.

Mobile Apps

Using vjoon K4 to produce high-quality content for tablets or smartphones, you benefit from a professional, highly automated system environment. Your agile team collaborates process oriented, every content is managed centrally and will be published at the touch of a button onto any mobile device.

Blog Posts

Create blog posts with a professional workflow and benefit from a central content platform. Use the options for correction and approval loops. Thanks to the automation, you can deploy your content quickly and easily on digital platforms.

Social Media

Publish your latest headlines and access all infographics and photos of your articles to repurpose them for social media platforms. Thanks to the automations, you can serve different platforms simultaneously.

Editorial Collaboration

Global editorial teams work together and communicate in one system. Enable writing, designing, photo editing, editorial review and manager’s approval to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively. Send and receive messages or emails and request content to be reviewed.

Some of our Publishing Customers

Renowned publishers worldwide work with vjoon solutions. They all manage their digital content smart and easy.

vjoon publishing customers

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To learn more about how to use vjoon K4 as a central content hub, how to benefit from team collaboration, automations and integrations with third-party systems, or what business models and operating options are available to you, click here.