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universal seat – flexibility in publishing

Universal Seat increases flexibility in publishing processes

The Universal Seat is a license model that allows more flexibility in the publishing process. More Editor Seats (e.g. Web Editor) are usually required in early phases of the publishing process, whereas more K4 Layout Seats are required in later phases. Whereas earmarked licenses can only be used for a specific client type, the Universal Seat can be used as needed. This means that for earmarked licenses, such as the K4 Layout License and the K4 Content Portal License, only the specific K4 functions are activated for the user. For example, a K4 Edit or K4 Layout license activates functions within Adobe InDesign and InCopy for the user. However, Universal licenses can be used flexibly for all client types. K4 functions are activated per user and the user can log on to any client with them. In this way, the Universal Seat creates agile workflows and allows freedom in the use of editors and layouters depending on the status of the publication. Both, layouters and editors, can use Universal Seats depending on the need for specific skills. So at no time too few Seats of a kind will be available. Throughout the publishing process, efficiency increases in the workflow can be generated and it is possible to react actively to different circumstances at any time.

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