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vjoon K4 – Publishing Platform

vjoon K4 enables small teams and large business units with thousands of users to deliver more quality content faster and across multiple digital channels or in print. vjoon K4 offers features that promote efficient teamwork and lean production. Content for print, mobile, social and web – created, optimized and managed in one system.

What’s more, our different business models make it easy for you to take into consideration all economic aspects, and to choose the solution that best fits your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you buy, lease, rent or subscribe to vjoon K4 – you always have the best possible options on your site.

vjoon seven – Content Platform

vjoon seven is an asset management platform that can manage and store any type of content using sophisticated metadata management, taking all common standards into account. Content enriched in such a manner becomes invaluable knowledge and data within the enterprise, and can be aggregated for any purpose.

The platform is built with an industry-independent approach and is suitable wherever a need for content management with versioning exists, along with the administration of large amounts of data.