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Optimized UX: K4 KickOff

With its modern user interface, K4 KickOff is the new starting point for editors, content writers, project managers or the head of production and enables a completely new user experience. K4 KickOff offers the possibility to manage all K4 clients and third-party solutions in a central hub. K4 KickOff is easy to use and reduces the dependence on technologies at user level to a minimum.

Nowadays, browsers are becoming more and more restrictive and technology-dependent, and Java is not supported by all browsers. The new K4 KickOff connects various modules such as K4 Overview, K4 File Manager and K4 Web Portal completely independently of the computer’s browser and without Java. Third-party solutions such as the page planning systems JournalDesigner and Timone or e-mail programs etc. can also be integrated.

K4 KickOff readily adapts to the customer’s requirements. Icons, titles and descriptions can be replaced and the startup configuration can also be specified when the client is started.

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