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Our short videos inform you about features and events or offer insights into exciting customer projects. Let us inspire you. Enjoy it.


The power of Linked Assets

vjoon seven manages your assets in a central content hub, references them via a URL, and versions them automatically.

Content-first production

Create media-neutral content and publish to web, mobile and print – using K4‘s Content Editor, vjoon WordPress integration and Adobe InDesign.

Porsche Consulting: Lean Production

Dr. Norman Firchau, President and CEO, describes why principles of lean production can be applied to the media and publishing industry.

High quality mobile apps

Readers like premium multimedia content for tablets and mobile. That's why we integrated Twixl Publisher with vjoon K4.

Les Echos: Managing 1,600 websites

Bertrand Salliou explains how to provide personalized content for its 3,000 customers and how to update 1,600 websites automatically.

Easy approval management

Learn how to easily review and approve layouts and its elements in a browser interface and with a few clicks.

Ultimate speed record at SIEMENS

Find out in the interview with Claus Heinrich how SIEMENS was able to achieve 30% savings in the production of their print and digital annual report.

Annual reports made easy

Using K4 browser clients, MS Excel, and InCopy, annual reports are made easy. Images and tables can be managed and anchored at any point in the text.

Le Point: Mobile content production

Olivier Bost and Yves Madec explain how they produce content for mobile devices fast and highly automated.

Interview with Billboard Magazine & The Hollywood Reporter

A short Interview with Meghan Milkowski about driving digital business with K4.

The psychology of online experience

Jens Lönneker, Managing Partner of the agency rheingold salon with his insights on the psychology of online experience.

Condé Nast: Global roll-out

Interview with Malcolm Simms, CTO at Condé Nast International, about the harmonization of CN’s global content production.
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