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3 Tips for Evaluating #Paywall Solutions: via @pubexec #subscription #strategy
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Report: App Spending Expected to Grow in a Big Way via @AssociationsNow #apps #associations #publishing
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Kostenloser Workshop zur Optimierung komplexer Publishing-Prozesse mit #vjoonK4 am 17.05. in Frankfurt a. M.:…
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RT @snapinnovation: Das #Magazin MitLiebe wird von @C3_content mit unserem #Redaktionssystem @vjoon_K4 produziert, übrigen genau wie seit…
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Wait! Don't Kill That Magazine - article via @pubexec
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New Blog Post: - read more about OBCC's intelligent learning software on our Blog @move_36
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Interesting #Ecommerce Strategies for Magazine #Publishers:
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Will the licensing format remain healthy? - read the full interview:
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BCM this year at historical location in Vienna - short list of nominees finalized:
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3 Tips for Building Social Influencers into Your Editorial Strategy: via @pubexec