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3 Tips for Building Social Influencers into Your Editorial Strategy: via @pubexec
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Tech Talk Face Off (Video): Interactive Print Ads Make Paper the New Marketing Tech via @pubexec
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Move Beyond Church & State to Realize the Full Power of the Publisher-Editor Relationship by @pubexec
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RT @InPublishing: The increasing use of ‘voice’ in the digital world is having a profound effect on how people interact with their digital…
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New Blog Post and Video: K4 Drop Folders Advanced - article import made easy #vjoon #CC2018
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Now available: NEW #vjoon K4 Version 8 for @Adobe #CC2018 - check out our latest Press Release:…
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“And I think digital can bring value to a media brand, so in the end digital would help printed media, in my opinio…
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How to get started: "10 #SEO Tools to Help #Publishers Maximize Organic Search Performance" via @pubexec
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