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vjoon Notes Manager and vjoon Overset Manager make your life easier when working with Adobe InDesign or InCopy. Try them directly for free and buy later.

With vjoon Content Activator, you can access content from any publishing system – this plug-in is for free.

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vjoon Content Activator is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that allows you to activate the content of any secured frames contained in a layout. Whenever Adobe InDesign files are extracted from any kind of workflow system, e. g. exporting them from vjoon K4, the frames are secured and cannot be edited. In case, you want external employees or service providers to edit these exported layouts, they can use this plug-in to activate any content for editing.

Platform: Windows, macOS
Language Support: English, German

Installation Note: Please note, that it is not possible to use vjoon K4 plug-ins and vjoon Content Activator on the same computer. In this case, vjoon Content Activator is disabled. For more installation notes please refer to to the vjoon Content Activator user guide.

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