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Tailor-made for your organization

Leverage the power of a harmonized and scalable platform to create great brand experiences for your members and attract new prospects. Make it easy for your own organization, freelancers and of course your members to collaborate and make all information centrally available. Enable secure access, quick retrieval, automated processes and, incidentally, maintain brand consistency for your association and with every new piece of content you create. Increase team productivity, reduce effort and encourage collaboration. Work smarter, not harder.

Inspiring content for your members

As an association, you serve your members who have joined together to pursue common interests and goals. You have an internal organizational structure and use external service providers. The content you produce not only serves your internal organization, but also shapes the image of the association and its members in society. Your aim is to create and manage content in a targeted manner and make it available to your members for various purposes. To this end, you provide the association with the best possible structure for the creation, management and delivery of content. Using Adobe Creative Cloud and vjoon solutions, members, your association team and service providers can create high-quality content. Furthermore, the entire association benefits from managing its Microsoft Office documents within the vjoon environment. The fast creation, efficient management and the smooth provision of content is the key to efficient business processes in all kind of associations. In order to work with maximum effectiveness, modern associations organize their entire content management according to the successful strategy of supply chain management.

Here are a few examples of how stakeholders are involved in your content supply chain:


Access to the association’s brand elements, promotion materials, and reports. Collaboration on content for the association’s internal and external communication.


Creating and approving images, graphics, videos, social posts, promotion flyers, campaigns, news, press releases, member and association magazines, reports, presentations, brand elements and guidelines.

Creative services

Process creative tasks (e.g. photos, illustrations, texts, storyboards, audio), sharing results, using brand elements and guidelines.

Drive your content supply chain

Learn how to master the increasing complexity of creative content management.

Create using familiar tools

All parties involved can use their familiar tools to create, edit, or version any type of enterprise content:

  • Clients for print and digital
    Access sophisticated vjoon clients from anywhere to create awesome content for print and digital. Let distributed teams address content needs specific to channels, audiences, and locations.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud & Firefly AI
    Creatives work with the design oriented applications from Adobe. Benefit from vjoon’s tight integration with Adobe Creative Cloud & Firefly AI for maximum creative freedom, smart automations and accelerated workflows. Let your team, as well as freelancers create inspiring content for your association.
  • Microsoft 365
    Teams from administration and management usually employ the most common software in this area: Microsoft 365. Use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create reports, contracts, presentations, association magazines and many more. Manage all these files including all versions with ease using vjoon.

Manage your content operations

Increase productivity and boost collaboration with a centralized content hub and streamlined workflows:

  • Ensure brand consistency
    With a central content hub as your single source of truth, all your branded content is available in its latest version anytime, and across the entire team, including internal and external team members, as well as member’s. Group assets into collections if you want to make different creative content available to internal or external stakeholders.
  • Find content faster
    With vjoon, the asset you’re looking for is just a click away. Customizable to your organization’s needs, our solutions analyze and structure vast amounts of metadata in seconds so that search and filters deliver the right assets faster than ever.
  • Speed up collaboration
    Break down siloed thinking and connect everyone in one streamlined workflow – whether local or global, employee or freelancer, intern or president. Enable immediate feedback through approvals, comments as well as status information, and benefit from notifications that let you know when something needs to be done.

Provide content to all stakeholders

Deliver content for all needs and channels faster than others – highly automated and in seconds:

  • Serve any channel
    Publish content across all channels and touchpoints, from social media and email to print and digital advertising. vjoon solutions always deliver the right information to the right place at the right time. Fast.
  • Automated renditions for any purpose
    Creatives and members need perfectly fitting images and graphics for their projects. Using renditions, they always have the right size and resolution in the required file format at hand, quickly and automatically.
  • Connect with other solutions
    Benefit from extensive integration options for a variety of systems, including Web CMS, Social Media, eCommerce, or Marketing Automation. Depending on your needs, you can trigger these systems manually or automatically and deliver content with ease.

What is content supply chain management?

Ever faster cycles, ever more formats and distribution channels determine the daily work in marketing, creative agencies and publishers as well as in many other team organizations. Industrial production and logistics processes serve as a guide to mastering the increasing complexity in content production. Content supply chain management brings together people, tools and processes to effectively create, manage and provide content.

Revolutionize your way of working and drive your content supply chain. 

More ROI

Productivity and ROI at full sound

vjoon seven DAM integrated with vjoon K4 Publishing System

To present a first-class concert of content experience, you should not only arrange an efficient content supply chain, but also perform with cutting-edge solutions that are smartly connected and highly automated.

The integration of vjoon seven and vjoon K4 is probably the most intelligent connection between a next-Gen DAM and a leading workflow system. This deep integration means that users immediately benefit from the typical features of a professional workflow system with the added advantage of a fully integrated digital asset management system. With this integrated solution, you can automate and streamline your entire content creation, management, and delivery processes, resulting in higher productivity and ROI.

Developed and maintained directly by vjoon, this integration is an integral part of seven and K4. This future-oriented integration serves as an example of what is possible when cutting-edge technologies and concepts are seamlessly combined to meet the needs of a streamlined Content supply chain. 

Q&A  for associations

You may have more questions about our solutions, so we've answered the most frequently asked questions that have come up in customer conversations alongside.

Imagine all your creative content could be created, managed and delivered quickly and efficiently – and that's exactly what vjoon solutions do for you. You have complete creative freedom, yet structured content that you can find in seconds. At the push of a button, you can deliver creative content tailored to any person or platform. You can easily integrate and interact with other solutions. vjoon solutions streamline your entire process so you can bring your ideas to market faster than others.

Of course. We have customers of all sizes, from the small regional organisation with 5-10 concurrend seats, to the nationwide union with over 100, to the international large-scale association or enterprise with more than 2,500. And even if your association starts off small and soon grows, no problem, our solutions adapt effortlessly to your growth.

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You are free to choose. vjoon seven and K4 can be deployed entirely in the cloud, or in an existing IT infrastructure, in the enterprise, in distributed locations, and in external data centers. When deployed in the cloud, you choose your preferred cloud service provider, according to national data protection policies, individual security requirements, or to meet your corporate compliance management. If you have any further questions, our partners will be happy to advise you.

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Our software is highly customizable to customer needs. This applies to cloud or on-prem solution as well as to workflows, access and user rights. In addition, vjoon seven and K4 offer additional purpose-oriented customizations.

Sophisticated software with high quality is our DNA. Since our founding in 1990, we have pursued the goal of providing our customers with solutions that noticeably improve their content management. As the first provider of an Adobe InDesign based publishing system, we have brought many innovations to the market and are one of the market leaders in our segment today. With our worldwide partner network, we offer both strong local partners and the expertise for global roll-outs and support. Brands, creative agencies, publishers, government institutions and associations of all sizes trust in us and our partners.

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seven is your central content hub and single source of truth. It’s intelligent use of metadata lets your assets become valuable parts of your brand.

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K4 manages any content and serves all media. It’s powerful workflows streamline editorial collaboration, save time and lead to stunning results.

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