Laura | September 26, 2018

High security levels with Single Sign-On


• Manage all user accounts centrally at a minimum administration effort.

• Reduce support costs by centralized user management.

• Increase and standardize security policies within your entire company.

• Provide centrally managed security for business-critical data.

Users looking for even more convenient access to vjoon K4 multichannel publishing platform may enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for the various vjoon K4 modules. With SSO, the user only has to authenticate herself or himself once at her or his workplace with her or his password and name. That is all it takes to access all resources. vjoon K4 takes care of the rest with an encrypted login, performed in the background on a vjoon K4 server. All modules released for the user, such as K4 Layout, K4 Overview, or K4 Approval Manager, can then be used simply by starting the respective program without any further login procedure.

“After the initial login to a computer, the vjoon K4 integration with Single Sign-On offers our customers the possibility to start the required vjoon K4 clients without any further login. This does not only save time but at the same time increases general safety by using one strong password instead of several weak passwords”, states Christian H. Hollstein, Senior Product Manager at vjoon.

You can find further information about SSO here. Cookie setting

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