Carsten | January 28, 2022

vjoon K4 version 12 R5: Even more security for customers

One of the most important new features is support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2022, enabling customers to bring their creative ideas and team workflows to life based on the latest versions of InCopy, InDesign, and InDesign Server. At the same time, vjoon thus meets the high security demands of its customers, as the latest Adobe updates for Creative Cloud 2022 and 2021 have, among other things, closed critical and important security gaps.

Java 17 and Apple M1: Cutting-edge technology

Other enhancements include support for Java version 17 and the Apple M1 processor – Apple’s first Arm-based system-on-a-chip for its Mac computers. Java 17 is the next release with Long-term Support (LTS) after Java 11. LTS versions are attractive in environments that change infrequently and are therefore used by some of our customers. Among many other features, native support for macOS has been improved. Furthermore, according to Apple, the M1 delivers significant performance gains while consuming less energy.

“Thanks to our agile processes within the company, we can react very quickly to relevant security criteria and a rapidly evolving technological environment,” said Christian H. Hollstein, K4 Product Owner and Senior Product Manager at vjoon. “By extending the smart connection between K4 and seven, we are also simultaneously meeting our customers’ demand for a modern integration between a DAM and a publishing system.”

vjoon seven: Enhanced integration with K4

With the new release of K4, seven 3 R2, which was only released last December, also receives maximum support. The steadily growing range of functions in the Digital Archive in particular represents a major benefit for customers. One new feature, for example, is a view that collates the entire content of an issue or project. Assets provide information about their relationship to each other as well as their respective affiliation to brands, projects and teams (or K4 publications, issues, departments). Another important feature of the Digital Archive is that archived assets are protected against subsequent editing and are therefore audit-proof.

The powerful interaction between seven and K4 is now completed by the convenient InDesign command “Reveal in ...”. “Reveal in seven” displays the linked assets directly in seven. In this way, users can check or change related information and the file in seven. With “Edit Original”, Linked Assets can be opened in the appropriate application for editing, for example images with Photoshop or graphics with Illustrator. seven automatically ensures that the files are versioned and saved in the right place when they are closed. As of seven version 3 R2, Edit Original is also possible in batch. Cookie setting

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