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“vjoon K4 has supported us narrative natives as a publishing system for more than 15 years. Today we are the leading content marketing agency in Germany. vjoon K4 was always been a great help to us.”

Frank Schöne
Director of IT, C3

About the customer:

Creating what matters – C3 makes brands a relevant part of customers’ lives. Over 700 employees develop and implement content marketing solutions, with measurable impact. C3 combines creativity, content and technology, uniting all aspects of cutting-edge marketing under one roof, from strategy and concept, to content creation, technology and platform competence, to marketing intelligence, channels and performance.

C3 is the leading European content marketing agency with offices in Berlin, Munich, London, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Zagreb, Prague and Ljubljana, and an international network of partners.

The company has received numerous international awards and honors.


  • Ensure that workflows are very flexible and transparent.
  • Provide remote sites, external contributors and customers with real-time access to all content.
  • Enable efficient publishing of versions for different countries and languages.


  • High-quality, award-winning media published flexibly, transparently and efficiently.
  • Multiple sites with as many as 700 employees connected.
  • Real-time monitoring and corrections in seconds flat.
  • Central content management. Cookie setting

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