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“We can sum up the benefits of K4 in three points: First, K4 is a very good tool for communicating with external systems and proprietary developments. Second, we believe it is the best tool for working with Adobe DPS. And third, K4 can map out very complex workflows.”

Yves Madec
Vice Director IT & Multimedia, Le Point

About the customer:

Le Point, founded in 1972, is a French political weekly magazine. Its layout is similar to that of the American magazines Time and Newsweek. The magazine is open to a wide range of opinions, analyses and interviews; it is generally regarded as bourgeois-conservative.

Originally part of the Hachette Group, businessman François Pinault took over Le Point in 1997 through his financial holding company Groupe Artémis. The magazine has a circulation of around 300,000 copies and coverage of around 2.1 million.


  • Utilize content from the print edition for digital editions.
  • Create designed digital editions.
  • Achieve the highest possible degree of automation.


  • Implementation of K4 integrated with Adobe DPS within the existing IT environment.
  • Using K4 gives more time for outstanding design.
  • Easy setup of complex workflows to map a wide range of scenarios.
  • Layout designers receive already automatically converted and prepared layouts for the tablet edition, where only parts have to be adjusted manually.
  • Today, 20% of the workflow is fully automated, 80% is semi-automated. Cookie setting

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