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Customer Case der Freitag

“The editors appreciate that the editorial system vjoon K4 runs on a stable basis and integrates the different channels in an ideal way.”

Marco Rüscher
Managing Editor, der Freitag

About the customer:

The German newspaper “der Freitag” was founded in 1990. The newspaper described itself as “the East-West Weekly” at that time. Jakob Augstein acquired the paper in 2008 and carried out an essential rebranding regarding content, layout, and also staff-wise. The subtitle was changed to “Das Meinungsmedium” (Engl. the opinion medium).

Currently, der Freitag is known for independent journalism and reports on topics such as politics, economy, culture, and daily life.


  • 2008: Transform manual workflows into an automated process using vjoon K4 version 5.9
  • 2017: System changeover from vjoon K4 version 5.9 to version 7 during only one weekend


  • Higher performance
  • Automated production
  • Transparency in task assignment and editing
  • Agile data management
  • Faster data recovery in failure scenarios using vjoon Storage Engine Cookie setting

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