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“We have been using vjoon K4 for our print publications for several years. The structured workflows in K4 in particular is a big plus for the editorial processes. With the implementation of an online-first approach, we are ready to tackle future challenges. By upgrading to vjoon’s Content Editor and using the integration with WordPress, we are able to streamline our workflows, minimize error rates, and significantly increase the efficiency of our online processes.”

Dwight Chiavetta 
President, Trade & Logistics Siam Ltd.

AFL+LM Cover
Trade & Logistics Siam; Cover

About the customer:

Trade & Logistics Siam Ltd., established in 1997, is a publisher of two leading logistics publications in Thailand – Logistics Manager (LM) and Airfreight Logistics (AFL). The company further developed an online presence through their websites and These websites cover all news, events, and features relating to the logistics and cargo industry in ASEAN and the rest of the world.

Trade & Logistics Siam Ltd. is not only a well-known publisher in the airfreight and logistics field but also offers services geared to logistics companies that want to market themselves. This is possible with their large team of writers and graphic designers producing specialized content for both the magazines as well as their customers. In 2011, a layout-driven K4 workflow was implemented to streamline the work of both layout designers and editors. Along with this integral part of their print workflow, K4 Overview was deployed to offer the Head of Content the necessary insights to keep the entire process on track. To this day, vjoon K4 has provided such means to increase efficiency and minimize errors and bottlenecks in content production.

With the increasing demand for online content, the importance of fast and reliable content production has increased. Trade & Logistics Siam Ltd. turned to our regional partner, EvioTech, to help retool their workflow. EvioTech rolled out vjoon K4’s Content Editor and Universal Seats, along with our WordPress module, to provide quick and simple delivery of content to their WordPress websites.

Main goal:

Simplify and bring all tasks within the publishing process into one single and unified workflow.


  • Establish, monitor, and control workflows, user assignments, and tasks for web publications similar to print workflows.
  • Get an overview of articles created and published for/on the WordPress websites.
  • Establish a link between print and web publications.
  • Select, assign and convert articles from web to print.


  • Easy and successful implementation of the new Content Editor and WordPress integration.
  • Transformation from layout-driven to content-driven creation of articles to implement an ”online-first” approach.
  • Professional training of all users.
  • High user acceptance since all users were involved in the process.
  • Reliable and consistent content production for all web and print publications. Cookie setting

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