vjoon K4 version 14: Optimized for modern workflows

February 2, 2023

  • Workflow-driven track changes in content stories
  • K4 Revision Manager is now a standard feature of K4 at no additional cost
  • Automated updating of K4 clients for Adobe InDesign and InCopy via K4 Server

vjoon, a global leader in content management solutions, introduces vjoon K4 version 14. The new release optimizes collaboration among distributed teams and facilitates the management of new software releases for enterprise IT. Key components of the new release include workflow-driven track changes to content stories, the now included
K4 Revision Manager, and the ability to quickly and easily update your K4 clients for Adobe InDesign and InCopy via K4 Server.

In addition, vjoon K4 version 14 also supports the latest generation of software: Windows 11 and macOS Ventura, as well as Adobe InDesign, InCopy, InDesign Server 2023.

The new release is now available for delivery via your respective integration partners.

Workflow-driven Track Changes in Content Stories

This new version is designed to meet the demands of modern work scenarios. Team members increasingly work from home or while traveling and meet their colleagues and managers in person with less frequency. In such environments, Track Changes is a good way to monitor modifications made to a text, whether in print or digital. For traditional print clients, such as Adobe InCopy, it has been possible for many years to precisely control track changes in each individual task in the K4 workflow. Version 14 has now introduced this functionality with Content Editor. This allows editors to focus on writing their media-neutral content stories without worrying about whether to turn Track Changes on or off.

K4 Revision Manager is now a standard feature of K4 at no additional cost 

Whether you‘re an editor-in-chief or communications manager, Newsrooms and communications teams want access to not only the tracked changes, but also the ability to compare different versions. For many K4 customers, K4 Revision Manager has been their tool of choice here for years. Previously a separate module purchase, with version 14 this module becomes an integral part of vjoon K4 at no additional cost.

Automated updating of K4 clients for Adobe InDesign and inCopy via K4 Server 

Another challenge arising with regionally and globally distributed teams is software updates. Because of constantly exploited security vulnerabilities, corporate IT counters these risks primarily through fast and targeted software updates. For freelancers whose equipment is less frequently connected or seldom seen in person by corporate IT, it is generally a time-consuming and labor-intensive proposition keeping the installed software up-to-date.

For K4 customers, vjoon has now solved this problem with version 14. K4 clients for Adobe InCopy and InDesign can now obtain and install their K4 software updates quickly and easily via the K4 Server. This ensures that all team members can work with the latest vjoon K4 software version at short notice.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

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