New vjoon K4 Version, integrated with Twixl Publisher

March 23, 2017

  • Premium-quality mobile apps thanks to vjoon K4’s integration with Twixl Publisher
  • Secure login: Single sign-on for the entire platform
  • Amazon Cloud Access: New data centers, higher performance

vjoon GmbH today presented Version 7 R3 of its multichannel publishing platform vjoon K4®. This latest release is integrated with Twixl Publisher to enable content marketers and publishers to edit and publish all their content in one professional, highly automated ecosystem centered on vjoon K4. With the benefit of single sign-on, users can log in to the system and automatically access all vjoon K4 modules with just one strong password. This version also makes it easier to connect with new Amazon data centers, which in turn facilitates vjoon K4 data management in the cloud. Customers are free to choose the data center that best suits their needs at any time to fully enjoy the higher performance that comes with improved cloud services.

High-quality mobile apps for Twixl Publisher

Readers want premium-quality content. They don’t like to comprise simply because it is delivered to a smartphone or tablet. And they want their reading material to be enriched with videos, galleries, and other interactive features. Compelling visuals and high-resolution images are expected on every device. vjoon K4 helps streamline and automate content publishing without adversely affecting the quality of the presentation. Its lean publishing capabilities allow content marketers and publishers to port their designed content via Twixl Publisher to mobile apps ― quickly, easily, in rich detail, and in the proper resolution. What’s more, vjoon K4 paired with the Twixl solution can make the publishing process even more robust and reliable. For example, the user could opt to integrate Extensis® Universal Type Server® to add powerful font management capability to the toolset.

Holger Kraemer, Director of Business Development at vjoon, comments: “Readers of mobile devices demand high-quality content. With Twixl on board, publishers and marketers can easily port this kind of content from vjoon K4 into a mobile app ― quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.”

Secure login with SSO

Users seeking even more convenient access to vjoon K4 multichannel publishing platform may enable single sign-on for the various vjoon K4 modules. With SSO, one authentication per session with the password and name is all it takes to access all resources. vjoon K4 takes care of the rest with an encrypted login performed in the background on a central server. K4 Overview, K4 Approval Manager, and any other module configured in the system may then be launched without having to log in again. Using a single strong password rather than several weak passwords saves time and enhances overall security.

Higher performance with new cloud data centers

This version of vjoon K4 also optimizes data management in the Amazon Cloud. A key advantage of this cloud service is that Amazon is constantly adding new data centers, especially in hubs of commerce and industry, to meet growing demand for cloud services, cut latency and boost performance. With vjoon Storage Engine and Amazon S3, customers can access the data center that best suits their needs whenever they wish. With this new release, it is even easier to react on Amazon’s growing network of data centers to enjoy even better performance in the cloud.

vjoon K4 Version 7 R3 is available now from official vjoon integration partners.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications Cookie setting

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