vjoon seven DAM: QuickLoad accelerates creative workflows

July 28, 2022

  • Version 4 now available
  • Accelerated layout design with QuickLoad
  • Faster downloads through parallel processes
  • Optimized system infrastructure

vjoon, a global leader in digital content management solutions, presents seven Version 4. The latest release of the next-generation digital asset management platform ensures a smoother creative process and an enhanced user experience.

The new release is now available for delivery via your respective integration partners.

Accelerated layout design with QuickLoad

When working larger image files in InDesign, downloading them can take a long time, particularly when you’re working on a cloud-based or external network with a low-bandwidth VPN. Standard preview images are too low resolution to accurately assess, and loading all the high-resolution images is a time-consuming process. vjoon seven’s new “QuickLoad” feature remedies this, speeding up your creative work.

To load assets faster, vjoon seven automatically creates considerably smaller renditions of each original high-resolution asset. When placing or updating in Adobe InDesign/InCopy or InDesign Server, the user chooses to work with this rendition instead of the full-resolution asset file. This QuickLoad Rendition loads quickly while providing adequate resolution to evaluate, guaranteeing a fluid design. At any point in the workflow, the QuickLoad Renditions can be replaced with the high resolution asset. Also, vjoon seven will alert users if they attempt to use QuickLoad Renditions for processes such as printing, exporting or creating a PDF when the high-resolution asset is generally required.

Faster downloads through parallel processes

vjoon seven Dispatcher organizes data traffic between the seven browser clients and local applications on the one hand and the seven server on the other. Speed is its business. With the release of seven 4, it can now be configured to handle multiple downloads in parallel. On a robust network with sufficient bandwidth, speed gains are particularly noticeable, such as tasks to create print-ready PDFs in a K4 environment with multi InDesign Servers.

Optimized system infrastructure

A next-generation DAM like seven utilizes cutting-edge third-party components to provide maximum performance, the greatest possible security, and the best user experience. Technologies, such as Elasticsearch, undergo continuous improvement while the scope of performance is widened. Included with this release, several such components have been updated, which amounts to immediate benefits to vjoon seven customers.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

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