vjoon K4 Version 10: New Content Editor and WordPress adapter

March 17, 2020 

  • Content Stories for content-first articles
  • Out-of-the-box integration with WordPress
  • vjoon K4 version 10 adds support of Adobe InCopy, InDesign and InDesign Server 2020

The new version of vjoon K4 scores particularly well with innovations for content first strategies and automated publishing via WordPress. Another highlight is the compatibility of K4 with the latest versions of Adobe InCopy, InDesign and InDesign Server. Version 10 is approved by the Apple Notary Service and ready for macOS Catalina.

The new Content Editor and the integration with WordPress are the major highlights of the new version. The browser-based Content Editor, which also runs in K4 KickOff, is perfectly aligned for content first and Web CMS content while offering optimizations for the collaboration of teams. Users now benefit from track changes and comments features in this Content Editor. In combination with WordPress, users enjoy a real preview of their online content rendered by WordPress. No longer will our customers need to invest time and money maintaining a customized delivery to WordPress, this smart integration is provided by a WordPress plug-in developed and maintained by vjoon.

Content Stories for content-first articles

To better support content first workflows, vjoon introduced Content Stories for working with articles in Content Editor. Online editors and content creators can now use videos and images as well as posts from social media including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to enrich their stories. vjoon’s Content Editor, which is enhanced with features for comments and track changes, makes it even easier for teams to concentrate exclusively on content creation without the need to decide on a channel. InCopy ICML articles can be converted into Content Stories and vice versa.

Out-of-the-box integration with WordPress

Content Stories can be published using WordPress at the push of a button or via automated tasks in the workflow. Images, videos or social media posts included in the story are also transmitted and appear in the text at the same position as seen in Content Editor. The user can choose how Content Stories are exported to WordPress. Our integration supports publication of content as WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types, and both Classic and Gutenberg Editors can be used to further edit the Content Story in WordPress. Depending on the configuration, a content story can be reserved exclusively for K4 for editing, using WordPress as a headless CMS. While creating the content story, a preview rendered by WordPress allows the K4 user to verify how the story will look like in WordPress. The new K4 Integration with WordPress is offered via a serviceable WordPress Plug-in, allowing vjoon to maintain and update the Plug-in independently of K4. This integration allows customers to streamline their WordPress maintenance, saving time and money, while allowing vjoon to offer agile updates to the Web CMS integration.

vjoon K4 version 10 is available now from your vjoon integration partner.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

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