vjoon K4 version 13: OpenID Connect provides more security

July 7, 2022

  • Central Identity & Access Management
  • Increased security standards throughout
  • K4 Improved user experience

vjoon, a global leader in digital content management solutions, today announced vjoon K4 version 13. Features introduced in this new release include a focus on the increased security requirements when used in large enterprise networks and cloud installations. With this release, K4 supports the OpenID Connect protocol, which can be used to integrate authentication services such as Amazon Cognito, Okta, or Azure AD.

vjoon K4 version 13 is now available for delivery via your respective integration partners.

Central Identity & Access Management

Enterprises face the challenge of providing access to technology and application resources in the cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid environments for large numbers of users, including those working remotely, as well as partners and vendors from across the globe. In modern IT infrastructures, information about users and authorizations is often managed centrally via Identity & Access Management (IAM).

Among others, IAM solutions can be used to streamline single sign-on requirements into a K4 environment. In addition, these services enable users‘ access to be changed at short notice when required, for example during on- and off-boarding, and security policies, such as multi-factor authentication, to be enforced. By integrating K4 with OpenID Connect (OIDC), organizations can deploy their custom IAM solution and meet internal and external compliance policies.

Increased security standards throughout K4

vjoon has modified the individual K4 components to maximize the benefits of these enhanced security standards. Not only are K4 browser-based clients supported, but also K4 clients using Adobe InDesign, InCopy, and vjoon’s own K4 KickOff which supports several independent K4 modules.

The vjoon WordPress Adapter has also been extended with Application Passwords to support these security standards. As such, these enhanced security requirements are now included with WordPress websites and the vjoon WordPress module. Also introduced, the vjoon WordPress module now supports WordPress Multisite implementations.

Improved user experience

With Adobe 2022 support already offered in the previous release of K4, vjoon has introduced full support of the Scalable UI feature of the Adobe client applications.

Additional UI features of version 13 introduce the support of so-called Composed Characters (technically called 4-byte characters) in our Web Editor. As well, images used in Content Stories for content-first articles are marked accordingly, so you can search for them specifically with K4 Queries.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

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