vjoon K4 Version 8 supports Adobe CC 2018, features two new modules

April 10, 2018

  • Enhanced user experience with Java-less browser access: K4 KickOff
  • Import articles automatically: K4 Drop Folders Advanced
  • Speed up jobs: Batch Start Workflow

Now in its eighth generation, the latest version of vjoon K4 supports Adobe CC 2018 and features two new modules. Many details have been refined to streamline tasks and simplify working life. Version 8 is now available worldwide across vjoon’s global partner network.

One of the two new modules is called K4 KickOff. Browser- and technology-agnostic, it conveniently connects various vjoon K4 modules and third-party solutions by way of a central client. The second new module, K4 Drop Folders Advanced, makes it so much easier to import articles, for example, from a Web CMS or Word documents. And a new function named Batch Start Workflow expedites multi-object workflows.

Following in the footsteps of the popular vjoon Overset Manager and vjoon Notes Manager plug-ins, the entire publishing platform supports Adobe CC 2018 with Version 8. These two small yet very effective plug-ins help authors and editors write text to fit, easily spot overset, and quickly navigate through notes. Both plug-ins are available as free 30-day trial versions.

Enhanced UX: K4 KickOff

Featuring a state-of-the-art UI, K4 KickOff is the new dashboard for everyone tasked to work on content. It treats writers, editors, project managers, and the head of production to an unprecedented user experience. Remarkably easy to handle, K4 KickOff frees publishing staff of many of the constraints imposed by technologies at the user level.

Browsers are getting increasingly restrictive and technology-dependent. Some no longer support Java. IT departments have to remain vigilant, constantly checking and updating users’ browsers and all their many extensions. The new vjoon K4 client connects the K4 Overview, K4 Web Editor, K4 File Manager and K4 Admin modules to a central hub, regardless of what browser happens to be running on the computer and without having to enable Java in the browser. It also accommodates third-party solutions such as JournalDesigner and Timone page planning systems, or email clients.

K4 KickOff readily adapts to the customer’s requirements. Icons, titles, and descriptions may be replaced and the startup configuration can be set up as the user sees fit when the client launches.

K4 Drop Folders Advanced to import articles from Web CMS

The new K4 Drop Folders Advanced module automates the routine for importing articles. It converts text-based file formats such as .doc, .docx and .txt into HTML or ICML on the fly during the upload. The company does not have to have a dedicated Adobe InDesign server on hand to do this. Once this automated routine imports files in HTML format from web content management systems, for example, they are processed further in HTML mode, but may also be converted to ICML. Either way, the integrated customizable wrapper assigns objects, uniform structures, and formats to provide the perfect package for downstream editing.

This straightforward yet efficient way of connecting a Web CMS to vjoon K4 affords users some very convenient options. They can automatically port articles that were drafted in programs such as WordPress and Drupal to vjoon K4, add styles as they see fit, and edit content that much faster.

Batch Start Workflow to expedite tasks

The new Batch Start Workflow feature accelerates the workflow for multiple objects in a layout. One command is all it takes to launch a workflow for all selected objects; say, multiple images in a layout. This streamlines and speeds up routine tasks to lighten the workload.

vjoon K4 Version 8 R1 is available now from official vjoon integration partners.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

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