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Flux Consulting has been providing publishing technology consulting to the country’s creative industry since 1996. We’re experts at bringing innovation in technology to the workplace, and at preparing you for what’s next on the horizon. Flux Consulting provides innovative publishing technology solutions to help you maintain a competitive advantage in both the print and digital world.

vjoon K4
The ideal publishing technology for a design and editorial groups. Make your collaborative workflows more efficient and cost-effective. From advertising to magazine publishing to digital output, vjoon K4 helps you create and manage content using a streamlined workflow.

Get the skills you need to be creative and productive! We teach the country’s top creative professionals in the skills they need, including customized training for corporate groups as well as one-on-one training for busy executives. Our trainers have real-world experience in design and publishing and are certified in the programs they teach.

Multi-Channel Publishing
Leverage your creative content for a variety of platforms and mediums: web, print, tablet, mobile and licensing.


500 Seventh Avenue, 8th Fl
New York, NY 10018

Scott Dunn

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