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Bildstrasse 5
9015 St. Gallen/Switzerland

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Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland


Dieter Herzmann



+41 71 31380-40

Founded in 1989 and based in St. Gallen, Topix AG is the leading provider of IT solutions for media production in Switzerland. Offering great expertise in this field, the company delivers strategies, solutions, and services to agencies, media service providers, printers, publishing houses, and the marketing and communication departments of midsized companies and large corporations.

A team of 14 specialists provides services in the fields of process optimization (workflow management), media administration (media asset management, publishing systems), publishing solutions (publishing systems, ad systems), and infrastructure (virtualization, servers, storage, networks, and security).

Topix AG has successfully taken on the most diverse projects for customers such as Eidgenössische Finanzverwaltung, Galledia, Infel, and Arnold.KircherBurkhardt.

“Our goal is to provide enthusiastic, motivated, and competent support our customers.”

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