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Founded in 2003, xEdge Consultancy is the first company in Singapore to promote both S1000D (which is an International Specification for Technical Publication) and xBrl (an International standard means of Communicating information between business and in the internet).

 Our services include software development, publishing systems design and integration and training in XML, particularly for industries such as those in Legal publishing, Aviation, Defence, and Finance.

Component Content Management is the practice of componentising content to small modules that can be used to create publications by pulling the desired modules together at publish time.

Automated Single Source Publishing  (Web, Mobile and PDF): XML and Microsoft Word authoring tools

App development: Create your own app and interactive content to reach your target audience anywhere anytime with Digital Publishing Solutions from xEdge.

Skill enhancement services providing the better productivity in workforce.


49 Kaki Bukit Place, #5-00
Singapore 416227

Julia Yeong

PHONE  +65 6743 1902

Shenzen Office

Norman Law

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