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Nowadays financial reports are much more than merely glorified spreadsheets. They have become a company showcase and a standard-bearer for the corporate image. This is why it is so important to have a unifying theme, a common thread that ties together the report's many sections. Equally important are premium-quality editorial design and vivid images that underpin this theme.

In this digital age, even financial reports can be enriched with multimedia. And the scope of such corporate publications continues to expand with additions such as sustainability reports.

Designing, compiling and publishing such reports is a complex undertaking. Many people tasked with very different responsibilities work at remote locations on these periodic publications. Deadline pressure is tremendous, demanding utmost efficiency. And the challenge of delivering flawless results and highest-quality visuals and content is daunting.

vjoon K4® offers tremendous benefits to companies that publish financial statements:

  • Integrated Excel and Word documents: Handle and manage Microsoft Word and Excel with utmost convenience via vjoon K4, and format tables in Adobe InDesign while the figures are updated in real-time from Excel.
  • Access from remote locations: Bring executives, controllers, and outside graphical artists on board via browser clients, VPN, or application delivery solutions such as Citrix, and connect different locations via K4 DES™ to provide fast access to layouts.
  • Total reliability and security: Control access via a sophisticated rights and roles system. Track, compare and revert back to any previous revision using the versioning audit trail. Monitor progress centrally via the browser. Configure emergency notifications for critical situations.

Watch the video about creating annual reports.