Creative Services

Compelling Branded Content

Brands and agencies quickly create vast amounts of content to pique customer interest and turn needs into purchases. Therefore, automated and transparent processes are the focus of creative production. Enable your team to implement projects quickly and successfully.

Team collaboration

Global teams work together and collaborate in a central content-hub. Enable storytelling, designing, and customer approval to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively.

Review and approve

Go or no-go with a quick click. Speed up production and decisions with a dedicated browser client for marketing and communications executives, and board members.

Project management

All publication layouts can be viewed with their assigned workflow status, providing project managers instant insight into areas that need attention.


Start a story for any channel with K4’s Content Editor and and benefit from deep integration with WordPress. Get a live preview of your website article and publish it fully automated.

Enable brand consistency

Enable creative teams to quickly find the right branding elements, such as text blocks, logos, images, and graphics. Create special collections for topics or chapters within vjoon seven DAM and benefit from its unique integration with K4.

Familiar tools

Take full advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud and use familiar tools like InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Files always open with the solution that's needed.

Language support

Variants allow you to create campaigns, brochures, and magazines in all required languages and adjust your content to local markets.

Time-saving automations

Use maintained modules to automate XML exports for Web CMS, or PDF output, font management, export to app publishing solutions, hot folder monitoring, or to control third-party systems.

Version control

Ensure quality as well as consistency, track all changes, save versions and make them comparable.

More about K4

vjoon K4 is an experienced publishing system. It manages workflows and lets teams collaborate efficiently.

More about seven

vjoon seven is your central DAM. Its unique integration with K4 makes it essential in any publishing environment.

Want a tour of K4 and seven?

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