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Financial Reports & vjoon

Excellent Financial Reports

Financial reports must be 100% accurate and consistent in content and form. During the production cycle, compliance with countless regulations is necessary in addition to review and correction of your content. From internal reporting to GRI sustainability reporting, vjoon K4 offers the ideal platform for your team to achieve excellent results.

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Produce accurate content on financial reports. Rely on agile workflows while letting your team work with the tools they are already familiar with, as well as using the latest versions. Leverage print content for digital channels and vice versa.



Create engaging website content while prepping your financial reports for all your output channels. Using vjoon K4, you’re optimizing all your creative work in a central content hub.


Custom Automations

Create more consistent content in the time you save by automating workflow with XML exports, and publish with ease to WordPress and Drupal. Automate delivery to federal authorities and financial portals with customized outputs including XBRL.


Efficient Collaboration

Global teams work together and collaborate in one system. Enable writing, designing, table editing and manager’s approval to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively.


Instant Communication

With “my tasks“ queries, email and assignment notifications or sticky notes, teams effectively communicate and everyone always knows what to do and when to do it.


Management Overview

All publication layouts can be viewed with their assigned workflow status, providing instant insight into areas that need attention.


Easy Approval Management

Go or no-go with a quick click. Speed up financial reports production using a special browser client for executives.


Seamless Excel Integration

Always work with the latest figures from Microsoft Excel and allow styled tables with both numbers and text to flow into InDesign with ease.


Version Control

Ensure quality as well as consistency, track all changes, save versions and make your system revision-proof.


Language Support

Variants allow you to create reports in all required languages and adjust your content to your intended audience. Integrate translation and language systems for consistent branding.


Rights & Roles

Whether your team is 3 people or 200 people, vjoon K4 offers the flexibility to administer your users and groups from small customer and agency to large enterprises with internal and external teams, including multiple geographic regions and creative agencies (e.g. Investor Relations, creative agency, different teams in different regions).


Secure Access

Empower your creative teams to work anywhere at anytime, on internal networks and through secure internet, VPN, or terminal server connections.

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