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Unique publishing workflow

One of the most convincing examples of a profitable content supply chain is the integration of vjoon seven with vjoon K4 – probably the most intelligent connection between a digital asset management system and a publishing system. Customers immediately benefit from the typical features of a publishing system that has already proven itself worldwide, with the added advantage of a fully integrated next-gen DAM platform. By the way, this integration impressively demonstrates what the APIs of both systems are capable of.

K4 & seven – Unique Publishing Workflow

Drive your content supply chain

Learn how to benefit from a next-generation DAM integrated with a powerful publishing system. 

Faster editorial workflows

Integrating a DAM with a publishing system is about more than just being able to drag assets onto a layout. Only a really smart integration can save users time and effort. Only this way editors, layout designers, and project managers, whether print or digital, can use metadata, transparently track where assets are used, and even control usage rights.

QuickLoad accelerates your workflow

When working larger image files in InDesign, downloading them can take a long time, particularly when you’re working on a cloud-based or external network with a low-bandwidth VPN. Standard preview images are too low resolution to accurately assess, and loading all the high-resolution images is a time-consuming process. vjoon seven’s new “QuickLoad” feature remedies this, speeding up your creative work.

The Power of Linked Assets

Many still use a file or cloud server to store their assets when working with InDesign. Neither is ideal in any case, and there are many pitfalls, such as access rights, a complex folder structure, versioning, or even just the file path for referencing.Wouldn't it be much better to use a central content hub in the browser that references assets via a real URL? vjoon seven is the ideal solution for this.

Where-used list

If a vjoon seven asset is used in K4 production, seven users can immediately track it because a corresponding where-used list is automatically added and displayed.

Drag & Drop

Assets from seven can be placed directly from seven‘s browser client via drag & drop into Adobe InDesign and used in K4 for production.


All assets in seven, including their metadata, can be used in production with K4 and a caption can be automatically taken from the metadata and placed in the layout.

Control rights to use

If a user decides that an asset is no longer usable in seven due to image rights or licenses, the user is informed of this in vjoon K4 as well.

Bi-directional integration

This deep integration between seven and K4 means that users benefit immediately from typical features of an editorial system with the added benefit of a fully integrated digital asset management system. The connection is bi-directional, i.e. assets from seven can be placed directly from seven‘s browser client into Adobe InDesign via drag & drop and used in K4 for production.

If a seven asset is used in K4 production, seven users can immediately track this because a corresponding usage list is automatically added and displayed. In this way, for example, a decision can be made quickly on a secondary use. So users immediately take advantage from this smart connection between DAM and publishing system.

Add more value to your workflow

All content, including its metadata, can be used in production with K4. A caption, for example, can be automatically taken from the metadata and placed in the layout. Rights to use are controlled directly from seven. For example, if a user decides that an asset in seven is no longer usable due to image rights or licensing, the user in K4 is notified of such.

Something special about this integration is that the link created is a URL that links the asset directly to vjoon seven. Other InDesign users who, for example, work on the layout at a later point in the workflow won’t even need to be logged in to seven to view and update a placed asset in the layout.

Q&A  about seven integrated with K4

You may have more questions about our solutions, so we've answered the most frequently asked questions that have come up in customer conversations alongside. 

No, you don't need to purchase anything extra. The integration of seven with K4 comes as a standard feature of both systems. Customers benefit from the advantages of integration from day one and can take-off immediately.


Systems that are connected at a later stage or from different vendors often generate few benefits, as the integrations are limited to a few standard features. But if both systems are from the same vendor right from the start, the advantages are obvious. Both systems can be matched to each other in an almost perfect harmony.

With vjoon solutions, this can be seen in many areas, such as where-used lists, linked assets, QuickLoad feature, the use of metadata, controlling the right to use images, the digital archive and much more.


Of course. The integration of  seven with K4 allows you to build your own archive of digital content. You can manually or automatically import single files or complete brands, projects and teams.

In vjoon seven, you can then use your digital archive to serve one or more of the following purposes:

  • Auditing acceptability: Store files for final disposition that cannot be changed.
  • Viewing completed productions: Once a production is done, trace, which content has been produced when, where and in which context.
  • Reusing content: Create new content based on archived assets.


You are free to choose. vjoon seven and K4 can be deployed entirely in the cloud, or in an existing IT infrastructure, in the enterprise, in distributed locations, and in external data centers. When deployed in the cloud, you choose your preferred cloud service provider, according to national data protection policies, individual security requirements, or to meet your corporate compliance management. If you have any further questions, our partners will be happy to advise you.

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Sophisticated software with high quality is our DNA. Since our founding in 1990, we have pursued the goal of providing our customers with solutions that noticeably improve their content management. As the first provider of an Adobe InDesign based publishing system, we have brought many innovations to the market and are one of the market leaders in our segment today. With our worldwide partner network, we offer both strong local partners and the expertise for global roll-outs and support. Brands, creative agencies, publishers, government institutions and associations of all sizes trust in us and our partners.

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