Who we are

Hidden champion in Boenningstedt

With 40 employees, we ensure that media companies, publishers, corporate companies, and creative agencies worldwide have the proper software to produce efficiently. Whether glossy magazines, newspapers, annual reports, employee and customer magazines, brochures, books, or catalogs – whether digital, on the web, on tablets and smartphones, or printed – everything is done with vjoon K4.

K4 manages the workflow of editorial, marketing, and creative teams. It ensures that content is in the right place at the right time, and is as well known in our market. Of course, there are also market companions, but versatility, production stability, and reliability are the trademarks that have made us a pioneer for 20 years. Every day, more than 26,000 people worldwide work with K4 at the same time, and the number is set to grow even further.

Independent and versatile

We are privately owned and our hierarchies are flat. With our headquarters in Germany and our office in the USA, we are close to the pulse of our most important markets. This enables us to be flexible, recognize market changes quickly, and act accordingly.

But a niche market like ours also harbors entrepreneurial risks. We compensate for this by operating worldwide and adapting our product to the needs of many vertical markets. This enables us to compensate for regional fluctuations in sales. This has given us financial independence for our products for 30 years.

Our plans

And now – we‘re working to create another milestone with an ambitious goal: vjoon seven. A central, easy-to-use platform that allows companies to manage all assets such as images, videos, documents, and much more, and to access them via a broad API with their own applications. Also, there are dedicated applications on the platform and deep integration with vjoon K4, all based on the latest technologies and API first.

And we still have many ideas on how to simplify, automate, and integrate collaboration – in other words, revolutionize it. But to do this, we need even more smart people to implement these ideas and concepts.

Only 500 meters away from Hamburg

Our location combines the proximity and connection to a big city with the peace and space in the surrounding area. This means you avoid crowded streets and means of transport because you always drive against the current to work and home.

The public transport stop is only a 7-minute walk away, parking spaces for cars and bicycles are in abundance, as well as spacious, light-flooded, and openly designed offices, ergonomic workstations, maintained hardware, well-kept greenery, water, organic fruit, coffee, tea and nerve food, and a lunch table with a subsidy. Right next door there are supermarkets, bakeries, takeaways, and restaurants for your own lunch supply, or you can cook with colleagues in our fully equipped kitchen.

We have answered frequently asked questions for you here, pictures and quotes from/about us can be found here. You can also find us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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