Dani | March 13, 2019

Get information faster: The new vjoon.com

Since the beginning of March 2019, vjoon.com has a new website. The structure is clear, modern and the usability is intuitive. From now on you can navigate more focused and faster. The clearly structured website enables you to quickly and easily obtain relevant information about our range of services. In doing so, it doesn‘t matter whether you access the vjoon website via smartphone when on the go or via desktop from your office. The responsive design of our WordPress theme enables optimized displays on a wide variety of devices.

Easier structure, more relevant content.

One of the main goals of the relaunch was to offer our product information as well as industry-related topics in a more bundled way. You will find different points of access, depending on how well you already know us and what kind of information you are looking for. The vjoonity blog, which we started a few years ago as an additional source of information, has now been integrated within vjoon.com. Thus, the relevant content is even closer cross-linked.

We have placed a similar emphasis on videos that you can now access just as quickly as product brochures or topic-oriented whitepapers. Of course, the new website also offers short communication routes when it comes to contacting us or one of our partners. This may be due to your need for information about certain new product features, or because you want to inform yourself about the possibilities of vjoon K4 in the context of process optimization regarding the cooperation of your team. And, of course, there are a few examples from different areas of application and industries to suit your needs. In this way, you will get a first impression of the advantages that vjoon K4 offers you in advance of a personal meeting and demo appointment.

Stay informed. Very easy.

A website thrives on continuous improvement. Therefore we will develop it further in terms of structure and content. The integration of the blog creates additional traffic on the website and opens up a new source for industry-relevant topics. We probably won‘t awake your interest with each article, but a visit to vjoon.com is always worth the effort. Of course, we will keep pace with the times, our customers, and blog topics. Simply subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest information on product releases, events, or topics related to vjoon, as well as content management and IT free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you!

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