Carsten | February 12, 2018

Topix AG launches vjoon K4 at RG Verlag in Vienna

RG Verlag (RG publishing house), a company of the retail- and tourism group REWE, pursues a considerable growth course for a couple of years. As a result, the number of publications as well as staff has risen noticeably. In addition, integration of relevant sub-processes such as image processing and advanced digitalization levels of publications lead to the fact that manual handling is no longer an option. Based on this fact, Manfred Wagner, head of production and technology, was entrusted with the task to introduce an appropriate publishing platform. The new software should replace the former file system based magazine production and result in more efficient communication- as well as production processes.

Besides, the management asked Wagner to introduce two further software systems in order to automate production as well as print and output processes with axaio MadeToPrint and Enfocus Switch. In addition to that, he had to implement a page planning system, integrated with a publishing platform. Further, software that facilitates story and resource planning was desired by the management. Throughout the whole software installation process, the integration of existing software for advert management and web-publishing had been a basic requirement. Definitely a challenging mission. In order to put this mission into practice, Wagner and his team sought the advice of our business partners Topix and The mission was clearly defined: development of an automated production flow that makes publishing processes as well as team collaboration easier.

Intense collaboration allows pioneering improvements 

To put the project into reality, Manfred Wagner from RG publishing house and Bernd Gorbach from built up a project team, led by Fabio Sacilotto (Topix AG). As project lead, Fabio Sacilotto was responsible for elaborating concepts during the software installation process. Bernd Gorbach’s main tasks were training and support.

Even though the mission was clearly defined and the provided software was in perfect condition, the RG publishing team realized relatively quickly: the many administrative steps coming along with the workflow were inconsistent with its required creative freedom. The project team did not feel insecure or discouraged by this opposition. Quite the contrary. The project team took advantage of this situation to reduce complexity and regain creative freedom. They discussed, rethought processes, and adapted workflows during the ongoing business. This case clearly represents that a successful collaboration between IT and publishing experts results in an optimal solution. They even went further by improving the level of automation during the revision period.

Topix RG Verlag Team

Mission accomplished: Personal compatibility facilitates successful collaboration

Although conditions were challenging, vjoon K4’s successful installation with an interface to TELL’s page planning system TIMONE proves our business partners’ long-term expertise. While implementing strategic IT projects jointly between system integrators and customers, personal compatibility and team integration are no less important than technical know-how. Client Manfred Wagner confirms this: “Technology is replaceable, people are not”.

Successful collaboration is primarily based on trust and communication. In addition, flexibility and certain adaptability to current issues are necessary. Reality raises new challenges once in a while. Thus, it is important to assess these issues in the best possible manner and to derive reasonable processes. The project team operating under the coordination of Manfred Wagner is right at the planning stage of implementing new publications to the proven multichannel publishing platform vjoon K4.

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