Carsten | February 20, 2020

How do K4 customers worldwide use the cloud?

While just a few years ago, the cloud was a hype topic, today you can relax and say that it has arrived in everyday life. Sometimes we don’t even notice it anymore, it has become so natural. We store our videos or music in the cloud, retrieve information from the cloud, or upload data to the cloud for sharing with third parties. As in the private environment, it is no longer possible to imagine corporate IT without it.

USA: The Florida Bar and Blue Apron

At this year’s vjoonities, the cloud was an interesting and highly regarded topic. Using real-world cases, our partners shared their extensive experience from customer projects where vjoon K4 runs in the cloud. At vjoonity in New York, for example, the implementations at The Florida Bar and the cooking box supplier Blue Apron were presented in detail. You can find a report on both projects in this blog (The Florida BarBlue Apron).

Germany: Bissinger+

At vjoonity in Hamburg, our partner SNAP Innovation showcased the project at the owner-managed content marketing agency Bissinger+. The agency is part of the agency family KNSKB+, which, in addition to Bissinger+, consists of the consultancy for strategic brand management DIE NEUE VERNUNFT and the advertising agency KNSK. A total of 180 employees work for KNSKB+ at the two locations in Hamburg and Essen.

The agency implements intelligent storytelling concepts for clients such as EvonikNordmannRAG, and Vivawest. Media are printed periodicals and/or digital media. At Bissinger+ the customers are actively involved in the production and so it was only logical that wishes from this side were also taken into account when selecting and operating the system.

The task for SNAP Innovation was the implementation and operation of the editorial system in the cloud, GDPR-compliant, secure data storage, fast access, easy connection of agency, customers, and freelancers, scalable on-demand.

Free choice of cloud provider

While the Florida Bar Association chose a Microsoft Azure environment, both Blue Apron and Bissinger+ use Amazon Web Services (AWS). The entire system was set up within a very short time and could be used directly by Bissinger+. SNAP Innovation manages operations and support, ensuring that vjoon K4 is available 24/7. From anywhere in the world.

Learn more details about the implementation of vjoon K4 at Bissinger+ in the case study of our partner SNAP Innovation. Cookie setting

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