Carsten | March 1, 2016

vjoonity 2016: Ready to Board!

In February 2016 it was that time again – customers, partners, and the vjoon team met for vjoonity. Some 150 publishing and marketing experts from America, Europe, and Asia heeded the call, underlining the importance of that event for the users. This conference is a place where people like to meet and the many familiar faces showed that vjoonity has become an inherent part of their calendars. Experience at first hand, direct exchange with other users, and the presentation of vjoon’s near and mid-term future plans make this event unique.

Major issues: Collaboration and data management

As New York’s vjoonity had been about publishing on smartphones and tablets, vjoonity in Hamburg focussed on collaboration and efficient data management. But the conference initially started with a hypothesis about digitalization. With an entertaining and sometimes refreshing provoking presentation, the thoughts of Tobias Hempel, CEO at ProcessPirates, boarded the minds of the participants, providing inspiring discussions across the whole day.

This also applied to the following award-winning success stories. Despite very different topics, they united the one key message: Achieving a maximum impact with a small team at a remarkable speed. For example the cross-media project – presented in a very emotional manner, it included many interesting content issues, impressive images, awesome videos, and a short drone flight over the audience’s heads. Compared to this, the presentation of the SIEMENS annual report provided much more technical insights. The main issue was the automated processing of the printed content for the corporate website and the time-critical publishing of financial key data at the German Federal Gazette.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Version 7

The afternoon breakout sessions provided participants the opportunity to delve deeper into various issues, to question and thoroughly discuss. Later on, the unveiling of Version 7 evoked many topics of conversation. New modules like K4 Approval Manager, K4 Web Editor ICML Advanced, and vjoon Storage Engine aroused great interest. They meet the consumers’ demand for effortless approval of layouts and articles in a browser as well as an easy and fast data snapshot or restore – no matter if data are archived locally, in the cloud, or even in mixed environments.

Successful conclusion, expectations fulfilled

The varied day and the many new information provided an excellent starting point for an entertaining evening with inspiring discussions. Participants enjoyed selected food and beverages as well as a phenomenal view across Hamburg from the panorama deck of EMPORIO’s 23rd floor. This was really a successful event – which also witnessed the analysis of questionnaires: For more than 90% of the guests, the positive expectations on vjoonity have fully met. Cookie setting

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