NYC Font Seminar: 
Reliable font management for enterprises and publishers

September 15, 2015

vjoon and Extensis are set to present the first result of their strategic partnership in the area of font management live in New York City. Now that the Extensis Universal Type Server and vjoon K4 have been integrated, corporates and publishers have a highly efficient solution that enables fonts to be managed with great accuracy in automated workflows. As convenient as automated routines and agile publishing processes are, they do present one major challenge for editors, especially in professional content marketing projects: These creative processes usually involve many different fonts and typefaces, so it takes a flexible and powerful tool to manage all the variables. This integration solves that problem, bringing a remarkable measure of reliability to the publishing process and saving time and money that would otherwise have to be devoted to workflows and licensing issues.

“There is a great deal of interest in efficient font management in the area of professional publishing,” says Holger Kraemer, Director of Business Development at vjoon. “That’s why we’re delighted to present the integration of Universal Type Server with vjoon K4 here at the NYC Font Seminar.”

More efficient workflows with automated font management

The fonts chosen by designers for layouts have to be available at the end of the publishing chain to ensure documents are rendered correctly. The wrong font can be an eyesore, especially in layouts as sophisticated and highly creative as those featured in premium magazines such as WIRED, published by vjoon K4 customer Condé Nast. If the selected fonts are unavailable, the aesthetics of the entire design will suffer. On top of that, companies and publishers’ time and budgets are tight, so they need workflows that deliver print and digital publications faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

With the benefit of this new integration, automated publishing processes involving many fonts are indeed far more reliable and efficient. When a layout is opened in vjoon K4, the InDesign file is scanned for Font Senseinformation. If such data are stored in the file, precisely those fonts needed to edit the document are automatically selected in the Universal Type Server via Extensis FontLink. The user is alerted if any font use exceeds licensing. And now that the two systems are integrated, the automated workflows in vjoon K4 add yet another capability to the feature set: They can verify fonts in every publication to curtail errors and delays.

Highlight event in New York

Extensis and vjoon will unveil the two systems’ integration at the NYC Font Seminar taking place today on September 15, 2015, in New York’s 3 West Club. This free seminar caters to agencies, corporate publishers, publishing houses, and everyone else who wants a reliable way of simplifying their content publishing efforts.

Carsten Althaber

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