vjoon seven DAM: Support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

October 12, 2023

  • New version 5.0 released
  • Support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2024
  • Improved batch edit metadata
  • Suitable renditions for any purpose

vjoon, a global leader in content management solutions introduces seven version 5.0. The latest release of the next-generation digital asset management platform optimizes the user experience (UX) along the entire content supply chain. Thus, seven 5.0 supports Adobe Creative Cloud 2024 release with Firefly AI features, just unveiled at Adobe MAX, as well as native seven enhancements around renditions and metadata.

The new release is now available for delivery via your respective integration partner.

Support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

With version 5.0, vjoon seven plug-ins and adapters support the newly released Creative Cloud edition, allowing users to benefit directly from the innovations this version offers. As an example, new visuals for a campaign or layout section can be created from scratch or at short notice, or if different color variants of product images are required, this can be done using Adobe's creative tools and the included Firefly AI. As before, the results are managed in vjoon seven, your central content hub. This means vjoon customers are able to use the same streamlined workflow with enhanced and fascinating possibilities of generative AI.

Improved batch edit metadata

Brands, retailers, creative agencies, associations, and publishers regularly process large volumes of assets and know the importance of well-maintained metadata. That's why metadata management has been further enhanced in the latest version of vjoon seven. Both vjoon seven managers and users can now edit the metadata of larger asset sets in a single step. This can help to structure assets of a marketing campaign – be it different product photos, texts or graphics. In just one simple step, the campaign name, product category, or copyright can be changed for all selected assets at the same time. This way, customers not only reduce the error rate when entering metadata across large amounts of assets, but also save a lot of time.

Suitable renditions for any purpose 

Teams from marketing, communications and e-commerce, as well as editorial teams, need precisley sized images and graphics for their projects. For websites, social media, webshops, and all sorts of other channels used, the countless specifications are constantly changing. Just creating and managing this huge number of different files generates enormous effort.
With "Renditions", seven has an efficient answer to this challenge. In order to avoid having to modify the valuable original asset files, seven generates perfectly fitting renditions. These are different representations, i.e. renditions of the same asset that have changed in size, resolution, file format or color space, just to name a few. For example, if the asset file is square and stored in the PSD file format in seven, and a user needs the WebP file format in 16:9 from this asset for the website, the corresponding rendition is generated in seven and made available.
Here, seven distinguishes between automatically and "on-demand" generated renditions. Automatically generated renditions are created directly during the initial import or when saving a new version of the original asset file in seven. Examples in seven of automatic renditions include thumbnails, preview images, or, instead of high-resolution originals, QuickLoads intended for quick download into Adobe InDesign layouts. On-demand renditions are created in seven only when needed, and correspond directly to the parameters required for such. By not having every conceivable rendition created immediately upon import, you can additionally keep the overall storage requirement lean.
Renditions can also be used very effectively with third-party systems integrated with seven, such as web CMS, marketing automation or social media management. The required rendition can be provided via automation, transferred to the third-party system and delivered. It is up to the user which type of rendition is used.

Carsten Althaber

Director of Marketing Corporate Communications

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