Learning from Industry Leaders

Why are well-established industry standards the key to efficient cross-media publishing?

With the arrival of digital magazines for the iPad, media companies, corporate publishers, and marketing organizations are finding that their publishing workflows are less than fully integrated, and that many legacy systems in place today are simply not up to the task. The situation is much like it was years ago when online publishing first took off: Companies frequently see the publication of tablet editions as a separate and often insular task rather than part of a greater whole. What's more, conventional and corporate publishers have to cope with several different platforms (iOS, Android, etc.). This drives the cost of making high-quality apps and creates demand for uniform, process-driven and highly automated means of production.

With its Unified Publishing Process (vjoon UPP®), vjoon has taken a holistic approach to creating, managing and rendering contents for print, tablet, Web, mobile applications and whatever other platforms the future may bring.

Download our whitepaper and learn more about the vjoon Unified Publishing Process.

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