Unique Publishing Workflow

Probably the smartest connection between a DAM and a publishing system. vjoon K4 customers enjoy a distinct advantage.

Bi-directional Integration

This deep integration between seven and K4 means that users benefit immediately from typical features of an editorial system with the added benefit of a fully integrated digital asset management system. The connection is bi-directional, i.e. assets from seven can be placed directly from seven‘s browser client into Adobe InDesign via drag & drop and used in K4 for production.

If a seven asset is used in K4 production, seven users can immediately track this because a corresponding usage list is automatically added and displayed. In this way, for example, a decision can be made quickly on a secondary use.

seven, K4 & InDesign

Add More Value to Your Workflow

All content, including its metadata, can be used in production with K4. A caption, for example, can be automatically taken from the metadata and placed in the layout. Rights to use are controlled directly from seven. For example, if a user decides that an asset in seven is no longer usable due to image rights or licensing, the user in K4 is notified of such.

Something special about this integration is that the link created is a URL that links the asset directly to vjoon seven. Other InDesign users who, for example, work on the layout at a later point in the workflow won’t even need to be logged in to seven to view and update a placed asset in the layout.

Archiving Content from K4

vjoon seven is an asset management platform that can manage and store any type of content using sophisticated metadata management. Content enriched in such a manner becomes invaluable knowledge and data within the enterprise, and can be aggregated for any purpose.

That’s why vjoon seven is perfect for archiving production content from K4. At the push of a button, all objects produced with K4 can be exported to seven, and provided, for example, to media houses or marketing organizations, or printers, to create a comprehensive digital media archive.

vjoon seven and K4 integration

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