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vjoon seven’s technology stack is among the most advanced in its field and developed as an extensible platform based on the API-First principle.

Extend Your Platform.

vjoon seven can be deployed quickly, and is easily scaled to match a company’s increasing demands, whether it’s hundreds of thousands of assets and requirements of a small publisher, a marketing department, a content marketing agency, or a group-wide deployment in an international media or brand company with hundreds of millions of assets.

The platform is developed as a platform based on the API-First principle. An extensively documented REST API provides access to all of the platform’s features, allowing its functionality to be greatly expanded and adapted to individual requirements. The decisive advantage for both third-party systems, such as Web CMS, PIM, marketing automation, e-commerce, etc., as well as any in-house developed applications, can be quickly integrated, reducing  effort and accelerating time to market.


Access Management

Platform access is based on OpenID, a decentralized authentication system for web-based services. OpenID is modular and offers different methods of authentication, such as single sign-on or access via Facebook or Google accounts. Both small to medium businesses, as well as industry giants, such as IBM, Microsoft, PayPal and VeriSign have already implemented this standard. Thus they ensure security, acceptance and worldwide distribution.


Rights Management

vjoon seven offers its users different levels of access. For example, the platform offers an organizational subdivision within a client according to areas, and will be fully multi-tenant capable in an upcoming development cycle. Users can also access corresponding assets in different ways via different clients, such as the “Consumer”, “Contributor” and “Asset Manager” – for example, read-only or with all editing rights.


Powerful with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a highly-scalable, multitenant-capable full text search and analysis engine. It enables you to store, search and analyze large amounts of data quickly and
in near real-time. According to the DB-Engines ranking, Elasticsearch is the most popular enterprise search engine, and is used by organizations like Wikipedia, Netflix and The New York Times.

Deployment as You Like

vjoon seven’s technology stack is among the most advanced in its field, and uses the latest open source components that are developed and driven in large projects. For example, Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration system for automating application deployment, enables high scalability on a wide variety of platforms.

seven can be deployed on its own hardware (on-premises) or in the cloud, for example with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or a colocation provider. Companies can choose from all variants of private and public clouds.

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