Chris | June 13, 2019

Cooking boxes supplier Blue Apron counts on vjoon K4

The American supplier of cooking boxes, also known as Blue Apron, hired our local partner Flux Consulting to implement vjoon K4. The publishing platform works in conjunction with Adobe Creative Cloud to allow editors, designers, and production professionals to collaborate more effectively.

Blue Apron Inc. is an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service founded in 2012 striving to make incredible home cooking accessible all around the US. The weekly boxes are well-insulated and delivered to your door. They contain chef-designed recipes, step-by-step instructions, and responsibly-sourced, quality ingredients so that customers can prepare a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions as well as quantities.  

The Challenge

The Blue Apron creative staff faced an ever-increasing workload to produce recipe cards, wine cards, and a variety of other printed materials on a weekly cycle. Management sought a way to apply production and editorial best practices from that industry to the needs of Blue Apron.

The Path

Flux Consulting, led by its founding partner Scott Dunn, met with Blue Apron’s product and editorial team members to gather requirements for the implementation of vjoon K4, an editorial workflow platform used in a variety of different publishing contexts in busy production and editorial environments. “The project was somewhat easier than others since Blue Apron’s production manager, Gustavo Gonzalez, had many years of expertise in workflows,” stated Scott Dunn. “It was like old home week for me, since Gustavo really knew what Blue Apron needed, and it was really just a matter of translating his vision to the vjoon K4 software.”

Flux Consulting designed the system and then went through several rounds of tests and revisions with the Blue Apron team. Next, they installed the vjoon K4 server environment out in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. 

Thereafter, Flux Consulting came in to train production and editorial staff, then offered onsite and remote support as needed. When the Blue Apron staff became familiar with the system, Scott worked with Gustavo to further customize the solution to befit the requests and needs of the Blue Apron team.

The Result

Whereas in the past it was a mad scramble to get printed materials completed, now with vjoon K4 Blue Apron can produce the cards and other materials efficiently each week. The ambulatory nature of the Blue Apron offices allows staff to carry their laptops anywhere and work on production materials simply by checking files in and out from the AWS Cloud implementation of vjoon K4.

Other case studies on the implementation of vjoon K4 include The Florida Bar or the RG Verlag. Cookie setting

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