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vjoon K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution, with an application server layer running under Apache Tomcat, a client access layer and a database abstraction layer using JPA/Hibernate. All server based components of the system are Java applications, which are configured to run on a standard Apache Tomcat server.

vjoon K4 is compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud and runs on OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems. Mac and Windows clients in mixed-platform environments are supported as well.

It supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database platforms. All object files that are managed by vjoon K4 – including images, ads and multimedia content – are stored in the database as Binary Large Objects (“BLOBs”) with full versioning. When a user accesses an object file, the file is copied to the user’s workstation and opened in the file’s native application, such as InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop or Word®.

In addition, vjoon K4 can manage its data with vjoon Storage Engine. This enables efficient backup and restore – optionally Amazon S3 can be used.


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