Case Study: C3 Creative Code and Content


C3 is a digital-centric content marketing agency based in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich and London. She is one of the largest digital agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Creativity, technology and content will drive how companies and brands will communicate successfully with their audiences. C3 believes in awesome content that nutures conversations. Well over 100 journalists – experts in every content marketing discipline from print to social media – are working for C3. Today more than 50% of Germany’s top 30 companies are clients.


Creative Agency/Content Marketing


  • Ensure that workflows are very flexible and transparent.
  • Provide remote sites, external contributors and customers with real-time access to all content.
  • Enable efficient publishing of versions for different countries and languages.


  • High-quality, award-winning media published flexibly, transparently and efficiently.
  • Five sites with as many as 400 employees connected.
  • Real-time monitoring and corrections in seconds flat.
  • Central content management.


“vjoon K4 has supported us narrative natives as a publishing system for more than ten years. Today we are the leading content marketing agency in Germany. vjoon K4 was always been a great help to us.”

Teaser C3

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